Single Round Crystal Tooth Gem $50 20mins

Shape Crystal $65 20mins

Double Stack Round Crystals (2) $80 30mins

Extra Small Tiny Crystals 2 for $50 30mins

Butterfly $150 45mins

Cherries $125 45mins

Disco Ball/Chandelier/Iced Out - (Extra Small Tiny) $200 1hr

Crystal Tooth Outline $150 45mins

Smile Piercing $225 1hr

Flower $200 1hr

1 - 18K Gold/White Gold $140 30mins

2 - 18k Gold/White Gold $250

Tooth Gems are not recommended for the following patients with:

* Active cold sores or in the past 2 weeks.

* Open decay.

* Gum disease.

Pre-Care Instructions:

* Please come to the appointment with your teeth brushed and cleaned. (Brush & Mouthwash provided with an additional charge.)

Post-Care Instructions:

For the first hour: 

* Do not eat or chew gum.

* Avoid smoking or vaping 

* Avoid licking it with your tongue 

* Do not touch with fingers or object

For the first 48 hours

* Avoid sticky foods and gum.

* There may be slight sensitivity in the first 48 hours where the tooth gem was applied. This can vary depending on the health of your tooth’s enamel. You can apply a fluoride or sensitivity toothpaste directly on the area, let it sit for 5 minutes, and gently brush it off to ease the sensitivity. If sensitivity or pain persists, please see your dental care provider.

* You may feel some extra of the bonding around the gem area. This will wear away within a couple of weeks from normal brushing and eating.

* If you get a whitening treatment or use whitening strips, the area under the tooth jewelry will still whiten as they are meant to penetrate under the enamel and out.

* After the recommended 48 hours, make sure to repeatedly brush around gems or charms after eating so that food particles do not adhere to the edges, this can lead to plaque which can cause discoloration around the gem.